Emmy Award-Winning PSA "SPELL IT OUT"

"Have you seen our collaborative Emmy Award Winning SPELL IT OUT. PSA ?

Why Yes, We Won An Emmy!!!!!

Spell It Out is a public service announcement created by the 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations End Allergies Together, Allergy Strong, The Elijah-Alavi Foundation, Change for Kids, Red Sneakers for Oakley, and the Natalie Giorgi Sunshine Foundation."

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President of Sammi Mendenhall Creative

"Plain and simple, I was that person who demanded peanuts on the plane. I didn’t have peanut allergies and I didn’t realize the ramifications of peanut allergies. But when I saw Thomas Silvera on the news explaining how his son Elijah died after eating a cheese sandwich, given to him by his teachers who knew that Elijah had a dairy allergy, I decided to educate myself and others about food allergies. This PSA is for the little ones who need help in educating people just like me."

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