Staying Safe while trick or treating.

We all love the excitement of Halloween, but the pandemic of COVID-19 makes it a little different for trick or treating. We can still have fun! It is imperative, you remember to always follow the recommendations for prevention from the CDC to keep you, and your family safe.

1. Always wear your mask 2. Practice social distancing. 3.Wash your hands.

Food Allergy Safety-Make sure to stop by neighbors or businesses who are sharing their support and awareness for food allergies by spotting a TEAL pumpkin. Read all labels of candies given,even if you think they’re safe/free from allergens. Due to the new FDA guideline, you want to also double-check the labels/ingredients. Don't forget to carry your medications, (2) auto-injectors with your emergency action plan. In the event of a contact reaction/ingestion, let someone know right away, be ready to inject, and call 911.

Asthma Safety- Remember to carry all your medication, your rescue inhaler, and an emergency action plan. If you feel that your asthma is being triggered, notify an adult,take your rescue inhaler, and if your condition has not improved, call 911 for emergency assistantce.

What are your safety tip and trick for keeping your child safe during Halloween?

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